Bentley Arnage R




Bentley Arnage R

Bentley Arnage R
(2002 – to date)

Bentley Arnage R, 2003, #3CX09054

Bentley was well established in the exclusive market of Grand Touring motor cars with their two-door coupes and four-door saloons. No exaggeration in stating the Bentley Arnage T sets the standard as a radical interpretation of an ultra-high performance saloon. Clearly focusing on providing more comfort in March 2002 the Bentley Arnage R became the latest addition to what Bentley called their «Series Two» Arnage family. At the Geneva Salon the Arnage R made its debut as the direct replacement of the Arnage Red Label.


Anyone checking for essential differences noted as a key modification the inclusion of a Bosch Motronic ME7.1.1. This system provided more than what is usually described by «engine management system». All those functions were performed, of course, that are expected from a state of the art engine controller, especially in minimizing emissions. But the unprecedented level of control to a multitude of parameters resulted in direct influence on ESP (Electronic Stability Program) – and thus advanced the Arnage R’s active safety to a new level when compared with the predecessor’s Arnage Red Label conventional traction control system. No single Garrett T4 turbocharger as on the Arnage Red Label but twin T3 turbochargers were employed. A smaller turbocharger has less inertia and faster response time therefore: An added bonus was that close-coupled catalytic converters, located near the exhaust manifold heat up notably quickly to operating temperature, thereby reducing emissions.


Bentley Arnage R, 2003, #3CX09096

Alterations to the body structure were few; more or less restricted to what would have found the way into series production anyway, e.g. tougher mounts for the steering rack. It might be mentioned that the opportunity was taken to install ISOfix child seat mounting points in the rear of the car – notably not least as an indication that families with young children were aimed at; not the most typical Bentley customers hitherto.


Technical Data:
Light alloy 8-cylinder-engine with 90 degree V-configuration, bore x stroke 104.16 x 99.06 mm (4.1 x 3.9 in), capacity 6,750 cc; Bosch Motronic ME7.1.1 digital engine control, two T3-Garrett turbochargers, intercooler, 405hp/298KW at 4,000rpm, max torque 835NM at 3,250 rpm (from model year 2007 460bhp, max. torque 875 NM); GM 4L80-E 4-speed automatic gearbox (from model year 2007 ZF 6-speed automatic); independent suspension front and rear, Bosch ESP5.7 electronic stability program; ventilated disc brakes (front 348mm, rear 345mm), anti locking device; wheelbase 3,116mm (122.7in), track front 1,602mm, rear 1,602mm; tyre size 255/50YR18 102Y, light alloy wheels or – as an option – chromed light alloy wheels (from model year 2007 tyre pressure monitoring); max. speed 155mph Bentley_Arnage_R_3_2003