Bentley Continental and Continental Turbo





Bentley Continental and Continental Turbo
(1984 – 1995)

Bentley Continental

Bentley Continental, 1988, #SCBZD00AXJCH23168, Mulliner Park Ward Drophead Coupé. When it was announced that future production of the R-R Corniche would concentrate on convertibles only (no more two door saloons) it was announced too that the Bentley variant would be named Bentley Continental.

The introduction of the Bentley Mulsanne in 1980 and more so that of the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo in 1982 made it clear that Rolls-Royce wanted to rescue the Bentley marque from oblivion. The Corniche had been available in Rolls-Royce as well as in Bentley form though from 1982 onward the two door saloon had been abandoned and only the drophead coupé remained. One further touch underlining Bentley’s own identity was the 1984 announcement of the Bentley Continental which was developed from the Bentley Corniche. The designation Continental had graced the magnificent sport variants of the Bentley series of the early post-war period. The company provided a few turbocharged drop head coupés for clients insisting on outstandingly brisk acceleration.

Technical Data:
8 cylinder 90 degree V-configuration, aluminium-silicon alloy cylinder block with cast iron wet cylinder liners; bore x stroke 104.14 x 99.06 mm (4.1 x 3.9 in), capacity 6,750 cc, aluminium alloy cylinder heads; 2 SU carburettors (Bosch fuel injection on export models for North America and Japan, from 1986 Bosch K Jetronic fuel injection standard, from 1990 Bosch K Motronic fuel injection and ignition control system standard; Bentley Continental Turbo: Solex 4-barrel downdraught carburettor with Garrett AiResearch turbocharger ); 3-speed automatic gearbox; hypoid bevel final drive; independent suspension with coil springs front and rear, hydraulic self-levelling height control rear; ventilated disc brakes front, plain discs rear (from 1987 anti-locking brakes); wheelbase 3,061 mm (120,5 in); tyres 235/70VR x 15