Bentley Corniche


Bentley Corniche
(1971 – 1984)


Bentley Corniche, Mulliner Park Ward Drophead Coupé, 1973, #DBH14661.

No more appropriately than for the Bentley Corniche with its «Winged B» radiator motif could have been chosen the slogan «When nothing stands between you and the open sky, it is as if the wheels were wings». Though the origin of the coachwork of this model could be traced to the basic model Bentley T due to its superbly executed lines the Bentley Corniche had particular charme of its own. It was priced in class of its own too – though to mention the subject of coin was considered as being nqoc* by those fortunate enough to own one The coachbuilt models were the first to feature technical innovations like ventilated disc brakes or breakerless electronic ignition. The Bentley Corniche was re-christened Bentley Continental in 1984.
*(nqoc = not quite our class)

Technical Data:
8 cylinder 90 degree V-configuration, aluminium-silicon alloy cylinder block with cast iron wet cylinder liners, bore x stroke 104.14 x 99.06 mm (4.1 x 3.9 in), capacity 6,750 cc; aluminium alloy cylinder heads, twin SU carburettors (from 1975 single Solex 4-barrel carburettor, twin SU carburettors remained on export models for Canada, Japan and Australia; from 1980 Bosch fuel injection on export models for the U.S.A., Canada, Japan and Australia); 3-speed automatic gearbox; independent suspension with coil springs front and rear, hydraulic self-levelling height control rear; disc brakes front and rear (from 1972 ventilated disc brakes front); wheelbase 3,041.6 mm (119.75 in) (from 1974 wheelbase 3.048 mm (120 in); from 1979 wheelbase 3,061 mm (120.5 in); tyre size 205VR15 (from 1974 tyre size 235/70VR15)

Bentley Corniche

Bentley Corniche, 1973, #CBX15369, Mulliner Park Ward Saloon. Rolls-Royce designation was «Two Door Saloon» for what many considered to be a Fixed Head Coupé.

No. made:


Bentley Corniche saloon (1971-1982)


Bentley Corniche convertible (1971-1984)


Bentley Corniche altogether